Free Stuff!

Who loves free stuff?!  Me! Me!

Well, this time I’m giving the free stuff, and giving myself a Sponsor Shout-Out here on Yum Factor 10.  Yay!

My Etsy Shop is called Studio 3B and I make hand sewn purses, totes and other fun fashion accessories.

Beginning tomorrow, June 30th and then also on Saturday, July 1st, I’m hosting a fabulous Christmas in July Special and I’ll be giving away a free surprise gift with every item purchased.  So, if you’re wanting to purchase multiple items, you receive a free gift per item you snag.  How about that?

And…. for any early birds reading this now, I’ll honor this today as well.  So, let the fun and shopping begin!


Jfay, Studio 3B



Fashion Maverick

Linda Kratz has always wanted to be an animal illustrator.  And although side tracked into contemporary fine art, she says “No regrets, but here I am back to my original ambition.”

I came across Linda and her fabulous work while searching for a special Father’s Day gift for my husband.  I knew I would like to give him some type of jewelry, and thought of a bolo tie.  I also wanted to incorporate a Coyote if at all possible since that is his nickname and spirit animal.

I wondered if this would be an impossible task asking for two seemingly rare items in one, but I went about my quest.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I found Linda’s shop and the very beautiful original art piece jewelry that she makes.   And the gorgeous Coyote!  I knew that this was the one!

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Lone Star Lady

She’s a lady….  A Lone Star Lady!

I just received this beauty from The Shabby Cowgirl yesterday and I love it!

I recently featured The Shabby Cowgirl here on Yum Factor 10 with all her awesome Texas and Pop Culture themed jewelries, and knew that I had to have a piece for myself.  I contacted Trisha (owner and designer of The Shabby Cowgirl) about having a custom stamped necklace and she said absolutely!

She sent me this picture of my necklace in progress:

It’s so cool to see something being made just for you.  And awesome to see how the necklace progressed into the final product.

This was all done very quickly and shipped out very quickly.  I am definitely a huge fan of Trisha’s and highly recommend her shop.  She has a large array of very fun items and like me, you can also request something custom made just the way you want it.

On her business card you can see that she does more than hand stamped metal jewelry.  She also works with reclaimed wood and repurposes vintage furniture and windows.

A very talented lady to be sure!

The Shabby Cowgirl on Etsy

Till next time, stay wonderful!


Free Ebook!

Author Dorlana Vann is excited to announce that her romantic comedy, The Trouble with Scarecrows, (Kindle eBook edition) is free on Amazon for a limited time.  You can get your copy now thru June 16, 2017.

The story has new dating terms and concepts, outrageous shenanigans, a touch of magical realism, twists and turns, broken hearts, seduction, food, and of course romance.

 A scarecrow is the opposite of a wingman, a dating decoy used to scare away any “crows” who are giving unwanted attention, making it difficult for the right man to have a clear shot.

Thirty-year-old Brenda Fisher believes the best way to get over her ex is to face her past and find a new guy. She knows the type of man she needs in her life … and the type of man she does not, which includes alpha males like Neal Parker.

Neal Parker’s friend and former boss, Larry White, had been gracious enough to let him stay at his old apartment rent-free while Neal pursues his culinary degree. But now the owner of the multiplex–Larry’s high-strung ex-girlfriend, Brenda Fisher–is threatening to sell it out from underneath him. Brenda is possibly the sexiest woman Neal has ever met. Nevertheless, he’s aware of her past destructive relationship with Larry and knows it’s best to stay clear.

When Neal finds out Brenda might be in need of some help in the romance department, he tries to trick her into an exchange: scarecrow services for the apartment. Brenda does not appreciate being manipulated. She ups the stakes, and if Neal wants the future he’d planned, he’ll have to play by her rules.

You can get your free copy here!


Welcome New Sponsor – Pretty Byrd Designs!

A huge welcome to our newest sponsor, Pretty Byrd Designs!

Beth Byrd of Pretty Byrd Designs has been a friend for some time now and has always been very supportive of Yum Factor 10, so it is quite thrilling for her to join our Yum Factor 10 family as a sponsor.

Beth is a super talented lady and is quite the genius when it comes to paper creations.  She has her own Etsy shop where she features her designs that include mini journals (I have 2!), cards for every occasion, note cards, keepsake boxes and more.

I hope you’ll stop by and visit Beth and see all of her gorgeous designs.  She also loves receiving custom order requests and is FANTASTIC at fulfilling them.  I have personally requested two custom orders, and they have turned out even more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  I recently requested a very sentimental card, and it turned out so wonderful it actually made me cry.

When you stop by Pretty Byrd Designs, you’ll see that Beth has a 5 star rating and many many raves from very happy customers.  She designs with love, from her heart.

Pretty Byrd Designs Etsy Shop

Till next time, stay wonderful!


The Shabby Cowgirl

The name may say shabby, but this lady’s work is certainly full of charm.  Good ol’ Southern – or Texas charm, to be more specific.

Trisha Clement of The Shabby Cowgirl is stamping out these very charming pieces of jewelry in New Braunfels, TX.  Trisha says stamping metal is her passion, and that she’s been making jewelry for friends and family for about four years now.

Her inspirations are very apparent in her work, and stole my heart immediately.  I love being a Texan and love everything that celebrates being a Texan, and I love all the pop culture that she brings in to her work as well.  So yeah, she had me hooked quite quickly!

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My Favorite Homemade Burger

Hey All!

Do you love making mouth-watering delicious burgers at home?

Me too, and I’ve been on a quest to do just that!

I am a (sort of) new meat eater, and after a 20 year hiatus, I have been trying different ways to make homemade burgers that are, well, awesome!

After quite a few different attempts and trying different types of ground beef, this is the “formula” my husband and I came up with that we both enjoy, so I thought I’d share the Yum with you.

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Vinyl Record Art

Now, these are cool!

And cool in so many ways.

Seems like vinyl is making a comeback, which is awesome.  Vinyl records are collectible on their own, but now they have become art!  And very cool art!  And they’re clocks!  I’m obsessed with clocks!

I came across Vinyl Shop US on Etsy,  while searching for inspirational wall art.  They have a vinyl art piece that came up in search that says Live, Love, Laugh, and that caught my attention.  Then upon further inspection, look what I found!


I was definitely hooked!

Then Sinatra…

And MJ…

I’m like a kid in a candy store at this point!

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In Search of the Best Burger, Part Deux

Upon my return to eating meat after twenty years, I decided that if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right.

So with that I’ve been trying different methods at home for the most delicious preparations for beef and of course searching for the best beef when desiring to dine out.

My favorites so far are roast beef and steak.  Burgers seemed to have landed in third, so the quest began for tasty burgers – both at home and for dining out.

So it’s like a fresh palate on a mission!

We visited Zachary’s Cajun Cafe in Kingwood, TX over a month ago and my burger experience there was FABULOUS!!!  There is a blog post here about Zachary’s and that visit. Quest for the Best Burger in Town and Conquering the Bayou Beast.

I’ve been to several other restaurants since then and have ordered other burgers, but so far no new burger fabulousness to report on as of yet.  Here on Yum Factor 10 it’s all about the YUM.  If it falls short, there are no bad reports, just no report.

But I will tell you, I was really wanting a good burger about a week ago, so instead of trying another spot I did return to Zachary’s for Kingwood’s Best Burger, and yep – It was just as delicious the second time around.  If not even more so!

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