Hello! Welcome to Yum Factor 10!

This blog is dedicated to the fabulousness of American artists, artisans and crafters.

My family and I appreciate the hard work and dedication that these very talented people put into what they do.

I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here.  I’ll be blogging about all kinds of fun stuffs.  From mouth watering goodness – and probably a shared family recipe or two in the mix, to celebrating those who provide us with beautiful things, and make things that make us look gorgeous, to stylish art, very crafty things, and who knows what all I’ll find!  And definitely we’ll be trying some craft beers and IPA’s.  That’s one of my (and my family’s) newest hobbies.  I am now officially a Hop Head!

And for an introduction, my name is Johanna, my friends call me Jfay.  I enjoy crafting of all sorts and sewing. I have a great passion for artisan finds, and love to support fellow artists.

The features posted here on Yum Factor 10 are things that I and my family truly like.  No features are paid for in any way.  Sponsorship is certainly very welcome, and I will be posting special Sponsor Shout-Outs and Sponsor Updates/Latest Happenings.  Those will be the only paid advertising here on this page.  All blog posts about products, people, shops, eateries, etc. are about what we find interesting, gorgeous and yummy.

If you know of an artist or artisan who we may be interested in featuring here, have a delicious family recipe you’d like to share, or are interested in becoming a sponsor, you may contact me via email at studio3b(@)comcast.net.


Cheers from Houston, Texas!


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