A Play On Woods – Wood Art Brilliance

I’m so excited about this feature, the brilliantly detailed wood art, and especially this family’s story.

Meet Eric and Catherine, a husband-and-wife woodworking team based in Knoxville, TN.   The brains and talent that are A Play on Woods.

 Eric told me that a little more than two years ago, they were living in Los Angeles, CA, and went to a county fair with their then-two-year-old kiddo. At one of the exhibition halls they saw a scrollsaw artist at work.  They didn’t quite know what he was doing, but Eric was truly transfixed.  He was even more amazed after speaking with the artist and learning about portraits and figures and the level of detail that was possible to achieve.

Within a week, the couple found a scrollsaw and set it up in their little LA apartment, hooking up two large plastic shower curtains to prevent sawdust from invading their living room.

Having a two-year old, they could only use the machine at night, when he was sleeping. But living in an apartment, they also couldn’t keep working too late because their neighbors were a thin wall away. They had just two hours every day to learn what they were doing. Eric says it wasn’t ideal, but learn we did! “After what felt like forever, but was probably just a couple of months, we realized we were actually getting pretty good!”

And now look at all the fabulous wood art they bring to life for us to enjoy!

I especially like that they offer so much fan art.  They have a section in their Etsy shop titled “Nerd Wood” – Gotta love it!  So many great selections for fans of all genres.

And hey, Super Hero fans – Check out these ornaments for Christmas!

Eric and Catherine now reside in Tennessee. No more apartment living, which means no more plastic shower curtains!  “We now have an actual garage with space and everything!”

They enjoy receiving customized ideas.  They say that the things people ask them about are their real sources of heightened excitement. “Ideas that we never would have thought of on our own, that we challenge ourselves with figuring out how to accomplish.”  “Because of these wonderful requests, we’ve gotten to make a frog holding an umbrella, a portrait of somebody’s pet cat, and even Curious George and Daniel Tiger ornaments! The only limitation, truly, is our customers’ imagination.”

“We really love creating something that didn’t exist before. Taking a piece of wood and, because of this skill we taught ourselves, turning it into something else. Something that makes people smile. Something unique. Something, maybe, even for you!”


I truly hope that you’ll stop by and visit A Play on Woods.  There are so many fascinating works to see, and also with Christmas right around the corner, there are very unique finds in their shop that you’ll not see everywhere else.  And be sure to contact them with your custom requests.

A Play on Woods Instagram

As always, till next time, stay wonderful!



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