Attention Quilters and Crafters!

Or friends of quilters and crafters!

Here’s a fun shop I came across last week while on a quest for purchasing novelty fabrics for my projects.

It’s called AmourFabriQues.  The owner of AmourFabriQues is Salena and her shop is on Etsy.

I approached Salena about her Mystery Box of assorted fabrics.  I thought this sounded like a great way to get a nice variety of prints.  Salena was very approachable, answered all my questions and said that she would cut the fabrics to the size needed.  Her original size was just 1/4″ smaller than what I needed and she was very nice and even pulled some fabrics and took pictures for me to see the types of prints she had available.  And this is for a value mystery box, where you’re getting a surprise/pre-selected bundle of fabrics – How cool is that?  She really went the extra mile for me.

My package arrived today and I was so excited to see what goodies were in store!  When I opened the shipping package, I had a fun mystery box, that looked like a present.

And it was like unwrapping a present!  These would make great gift ideas for the quilters and crafters in your life – What fun!

I purchased 1/2 pound of fabric for $5.50!  And received a new spool of thread as a thank you gift!

Check out the assortment!

You get to choose the style of fabrics you’d like to receive in your Mystery Box bundle and the weight. 1/2 lb. for $5.50 or 1 lb. for $10.50.  The styles include cottage chic, children/I spy (novelty), scrappy quilt mix, Minky fabric for boy or girl, vintage fabric mix, or surprise me mix.

I am very very pleased with what Salena picked out for my Mystery Box bundle.  When I had contacted her I let her know what project the fabrics were for and had requested that if she had any monkey fabric I would love to have some.  Look how much Curious George fabric she sent.  A very nice sized panel.

Now I cannot wait to get going on my projects!  With all this awesome and fun variety, it’s going to be a blast!


It’s so wonderful to come across people that really go out of their way to help you make the most of your projects and who seem to genuinely care that you’re pleased.  Not to mention such a great value for all that was received plus the great customer service!  I’ll definitely be back.  She’s made a repeat customer out of me for sure.

I hope you’ll stop by and visit Salena’s fabulous shop.  She has so many options available, like DIY kits, fabrics by the yard, all types of pre-cut bundle packages, junk journal kits, vintage fabrics, patterns, yarn, thread, etc. etc.!  So much goodness!

Here’s her direct link:  AmourFabriQues

Till next time, stay wonderful!



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