Much More Than Just a Card, It’s a Special Memory

Don’t you love to receive a special card with very touching sentiments, especially when you can tell that it is truly intended for you and from the giver’s heart?

Well, there is a super sweet lady who specializes in creating very personalized cards that are truly from the heart and are made just for your recipient.  Her name is Beth Byrd of Pretty Byrd Designs.

I’ve blogged about Beth and her work previously, and she is also a sponsor of Yum Factor 10.  I’ve admired her work for a while now, and when I featured her here before I didn’t fully realize what all she offers with her designs.  I knew her cards were very special and I love her journals and gift tags.  Everything she does is fabulous.  But it wasn’t until I approached her about possibly making a special Father’s Day card for my Husband that I completely understood how very special a card made by her can actually be.

I inquired if she could design a personalized card for my Husband as kind of an anniversary/Father’s Day sentiment card and also asked if she could put our personal pictures on the card, as well as a line from a song.  She responded very quickly that she would be honored to make us this card, and that she could of course put our pictures on the card as well as what ever wording I would like.  It was such a pleasure ordering this card from Beth, she seemed just as excited as I was about it, so this made the ordering and personalization even more fun!

Here is a picture of the finished product:

Beth had asked if all the pictures could be printed in black and white so that everything would be cohesive on the card, and I thought that was an excellent idea, as it also gives a vintage look/feel to the theme.  I am completely ecstatic with the results!  I was able to have pictures of our little family through the years, beginning with me and my husband when we were very young and just starting out, then our young family when our son was little, on to us at our son’s 26th birthday party, then us two on our 34th wedding anniversary.   Completed with “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.”  A truly sentimental journey – our life story with much more to come in the future.  All on a card…..  How fabulous is that?!  I’m sure you know that it made me cry….  Happy tears of course.

So with this, I had to have one made for my Son who was just about to get married.  I contacted Beth about a second card and she was just as happy to make this one as the first.  You can tell this is something that is very true and dear to her heart.  To work with someone to make something very special just for them and their loved ones for their special memories.

 This time around I wanted a picture of the happy couple with a personalized sentiment for a happy life together and asked Beth if she could put a heart of some type on the card as well as the couple’s names and wedding date.  She inquired as to what type of style I’d prefer, and I replied that I’d leave that up to her capable hands and just requested something romantic.  I’m telling you, you can request your own style, sentiments, pictures – these are really something else…  Well, Beth is really something else!

Look at all the special details she included in making this card.  The brass heart that says Love and Amore.  The lace, the paper backing, just on and on…  And needless to say, my Son and new Daughter In Law truly loved receiving it.  It’s a frameable memory.  These are so lovely and sentimental.

I told Beth that I had actually stopped purchasing cards for most occasions and often opted for balloons or something else in lieu of a card as I felt like they were most likely read and then thrown out soon after.  But with these…  These are definitely keepers!

Beth then shared with me a very personal story about how she first began her journey with making cards about 15 years ago, by carrying on a legacy of friendship begun by one of her Mother’s friends.  It was truly a heartfelt story and showed how much she truly cares about making these special cards that brighten people’s lives.

I hope you’ll stop by and see Beth.  She has a shop on Etsy called Pretty Byrd Designs.  You will be so glad that you did!  Your day will be brighter for doing so, and what she creates will touch your loved one’s hearts for sure!

Pretty Byrd Designs

Till next time, stay wonderful!



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  1. Jfay … I’m just speechless! Many, many thanks for your kind words. It’s truly been a pleasure — and an honor — to make these special cards for you and your family. I am so very grateful!

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